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This will be an ongoing ranking of all of the Keurig K-cups I’ve tried.  As I try new ones, i’ll update this list with the new K-cup and its description.  I am by no means a coffee expert, however, I enjoy coffee and these ratings/description reflect my personal preferences.

My Machine: Keurig Mini K15 Coffee Maker




This coffee maker offers 6oz, 8oz, or 10oz servings one at a time.  No screen, just a “power” button and a “brew” button.  First, turn it on, then fill the reservoir with your desired amount of water(6-10oz).  Open the k-cup holder, insert your k-cup, and close.  Press the brew button and your coffee will be ready in about 2 minutes.  This machine does not take up much space and is good for a single person.  The downside is that it doesn’t store a large reservoir of water and has a basic user interface lacking a screen.

***3rd TIER (Not that good — won’t buy again)***

Harris Teeter House Blend K-Cup

This coffee tasted weaker and more bitter than the rest. The physical k-cup even feels lighter than other brands as if they put less coffee in the cup… that’s what it tastes like too. I guess that’s what I get for buying the value store brand.

Gevalia Caramel Macchiato with Froth Packet

This k-cup includes a froth packet which you pour into your mug before the coffee drips in. The product is a sweet, creamy coffee with some froth on top. This didn’t do much for me as it was too creamy with not enough coffee flavor and no real “caramel” flavor.

***2nd TIER (Pretty good — I could give or take)***

Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla

I found this coffee a bit weak but did have a pleasant vanilla flavor.  Overall a solid flavored coffee, I just want a bit stronger coffee flavor. UPDATE: I’ve tried this one again and still not impressed. Not very strong and the flavor just isn’t right for me. UPDATE 2: I’ve had this many times now and it’s grown on me. It’s an enjoyable vanilla flavored coffee worthy of a 2nd Tier rating.

McCafe Pumpkin Spice

The smell immediately reminded me of fall. Lots of pumpkin spice flavor and smell from this coffee. The downside is that it reminds me of drinking tea. I don’t like tea, and this spiced coffee was reminiscent of tea at first. But overall, solid pumpkin spice flavor, and after adding a bit of vanilla creamer, I enjoyed this coffee.

Entenmann’s Breakfast Blend

A decent, plain brew but nothing greater than average. It might pair well with one of Entenmann’s sweet baked goods, but by itself, it’s nothing to get excited about.

Donut House Coffee Light Roast

Didn’t seem quite as strong as many of the other kcups. Pretty average middle of the line brew here.

Barrie House Colombian Reserve

Started off tasting quite bitter to me. As I kept drinking, it started to grow on be a bit, but I wouldn’t call this anything better than average.

Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry

This coffee had a wonderful blueberry bouquet when brewing. At first, I couldn’t taste blueberry but once it cooled down, there was a nice blueberry note along with solid coffee flavor. One of the better flavored coffees I’ve tried.

Folgers Classic Roast

I’m a big fan of a strong, freshly-brewed black coffee. So far, this is one of my favorite, best tasting plain coffee k-cups from a mainstream brand. Very solid.

Nautica Chiapas Mexican Select

Started off kinda bland, but then tasted stronger as time went on. Solid cup of coffee but fell short on its gourmet vibe.

Double Donut Coffee Bold Blend

Strong tangy flavor with some fruity notes. It was almost borderline sour at one point. Not really in a bad way, but the tangy flavor threw me off a bit which lands this k-cup in the 2nd tier.

***1st TIER (The best of the best)***

Folgers 100% Colombian

I found this cup to taste stronger and better than the original Folgers flavor. Started out with an excellent aroma with chocolate notes. It tasted very strong with full flavor all the way through the cup. Each sip was like receiving a burst of flavor on the tongue. One word that comes to mind is “chocolaty”. Folger’s makes the jump to 1st tier here because of stronger and more bold flavor.


This was another solid coffee from a lesser-known, more gourmet brand of coffee. Maybe a touch more bland than others in this category but certainly deserves it’s spot in the upper-half.

Marley Coffee Lively Up! Dark Roast

Very nice, strong flavor. Lots of robust flavor, nothing mindblowing, but still earns itself a spot in the top tier.

EKOCUPS Guatemalan

Very flavorful and strong for the whole cup. Also tasted some fruity notes but still strong overall. It even made for a nice, small second cup on a second run-through my machine.

Wolfgang Puck Rodeo Drive Medium Roast

Nice, strong, flavorful coffee. Made a large cup without sacrificing flavor. I also had a great, energized day after drinking it.

Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen French Roast

Very strong tasting coffee. Almost felt more strong and bitter than many of the other flavors I’ve tried. This led to a flavorful brew all the way to the last sip. It was just about perfect with a splash of milk added.

Tully’s Coffee Italian Dark Roast

Honestly, I can’t really tell the difference between plain black coffees. Dark roast, light roast, Italian… it all tastes generally the same to me. But this coffee was very potent with a strong coffee flavor, and that’s how I like it.

Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream

This is a very good coffee and it’s hard to go wrong with caramel vanilla flavor. Definitely a go-to for a flavored coffee option.


Another EKOCUPS variety failed to disappoint. This kcup had great flavor and caused a strong caffeine rush. I was even able to use it again the next day for decent light cup.

The Original Donut Shop Regular

This was a very flavorful and strong kcup. I really enjoyed it and felt energized all day long, more that I have from any other k-cup. The only reason it’s not #1 is that I’ve only tried it once, so it hasn’t proven a reliable 5-star kcup like Newman’s Own yet. Very impressive to say the least.

Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic

This one is on the verge of being my favorite k-cup of all time. Such strong flavor even in a large cup. Full, robust flavor all the way through the cup. It felt as if this was some sort of “extra strength” coffee. Kept me energized all day long like I had never been before. I’d love to try this again and would highly recommend.

Newman’s Own Newman’s Special Blend

This coffee is a medium roast and had great flavor and strength. What sets this one apart from the rest is the pure strength of this coffee. The actual k-cup is almost packed to the brim with coffee grinds compared to some others which are about half-full. I first ran this k-cup with 6 oz of water and it was almost too strong. I ran it again with the same, used k-cup and mixed the 2 servings together and still had a strong mug of coffee. I can definitely get 2 servings of good coffee out of 1 of these k-cups. Newman’s Own doesn’t skimp you and that why I ranked them at this level.
What’s your favorite k-cup or coffee? Let me know what I should try next in the comments.


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