REVIEW: CHEEZ-IT Sriracha Snack Mix

Cheez-It recently rolled out a load of new flavors and varieties including Sriracha Snack Mix, Sweet&Salty Snack Mix, Sandwich Crackers, Extra Toasty, and Hot&Spicy Grooves. Looks like “spicy” has been a recent trend in new product flavors… I like it.  

Cheez-its have never been one of my favorite go-to snacks, but I like the idea of this snack mix with different pieces and the addition of sriracha seasoning so I have high hopes for this product.  The mix includes traditional Cheez-its, corn squares(chex), bread chips, pretzels, and crunchy curls(basically cheetos) all covered with sriracha seasoning.  The smell of the snack mix is basically that of regular Cheez-its with maybe a hint of vinegary-hot sauce smell.  


As I tried each piece, I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor of the seasoning. The actual pieces are nothing special, but they didn’t have a generic spicy seasoning, the spices actually tasted like sriracha.  It wasn’t perfect, but believe me, I’m a sriracha veteran and they had pretty close resemblance.  Without the seasoning It’d be quite a bland snack in my opinion, but I definitely enjoyed these and their spice. Not crazy spicy, but just enough to give it a nice kick.   

This snack did suffer from the normal snack mix problem where some pieces are virtually untouched by the seasoning, while others are doused in your day’s worth of sodium.  But overall this is a good snack mix if you’re into spicy things.

Purchased at: Harris Teeter – Chapel Hill, NC

Price: $2.50

Rating: 8.5/10


3 thoughts on “REVIEW: CHEEZ-IT Sriracha Snack Mix

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