REVIEW: belVita Strawberry Yogurt Creme Sandwich Cookies

I’ve always been skeptical of these “breakfast cookie” type things and how they can be marketed as somewhat “healthy”. But I’m always looking for ways I can fit more sweets into my diet and if I can eat a cookie for breakfast and be healthy, I’m all for it. I don’t really believe all the hype, but I guess I can’t judge until i’ve tried it, so here goes.

Upon opening the package, I got an immediate strong smell of strawberry yogurt. In fact, the smell lasted nearly the entire time I was eating them. This wasn’t a bad thing, it was a nice smell, just very potent.


I first tasted the cream which was extremely sweet. It also had a bit of a grainy texture and was soft. When I bit into the cookie, the cookies slide on the filling and it almost oozes out. The cream itself is a bit too sweet for a breakfast food, but it is tasty, almost like a strawberry icing. The cookie by itself is nothing special, it seems more like a base to offset the extremely sweet frosting. The cookie also has small bits of tough oats in them to remind you you’re eating something “healthy”.


Now the filling and cookie together actually offer a nice balance of flavors creating a pretty enjoyable snack. Notice I said snack.. Or maybe even a dessert. This could be part of a more solid breakfast if you add in a piece of fruit or some actual yogurt. Save this for a treat once in awhile or if you’re in a rush and need a quick snack.

Purchased at: Harris Teeter – Chapel Hill, NC

Price: $2.50 for 4 pack (2 cookies per pack)

Rating: 7/10


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