College Dorm Grocery Haul #1

Now that the semester has started back up again, I wanted to show y’all some of my staples that I like to keep around. I don’t use the meal plan, I buy most of my food at the grocery store and eat out occasionally. Whether you’re a college kid in the same situation, or someone looking for quick easy meals, this is the grocery haul for you.


Produce/Refrigerated Goods

Veggies – I always keep a head of lettuce on me.. I use it for sandwiches and small salads. Baby carrots make a great side, I like to eat them with some type of dip.

Fruit – Apples are definitely a staple in my diet, I try to eat one a day.  Other fruits I occasionally buy include bananas and whatever is in season. Right now (winter), oranges and grapefruit are good buys.

Sandwich materials – A sandwich is my go to lunch. Tasty, versatile, and quick to make in the mornings. I typically buy some sort of sandwich bread whether that be sliced bread, bagels, or something unorthodox(this week I got maple french toast flavored english muffins lol). Then some sort of sandwich meat. Usually thin sliced deli meat like this week, but sometimes i’ll get carved chicken breast or even cook my own meat. Then I’ll add lettuce and some condiments I keep in the fridge like mustard, mayo, or barbeque sauce. This week I even bought banana pepper rings which I’m excited to add. Again, I don’t usually eat sandwiches on weird bread like flavored english muffins. In fact, tomorrow i’m going to Bruegger’s Bagels to use my coupon for 3 free bagels.

Milk – I use milk a ton whether i’m drinking it with a meal or using it with cereal or oatmeal.

Frozen goods – I find it very convenient to keep a bag of of frozen grilled chicken. It’s a really easy, healthy option especially if you can find a low sodium version. I also sometimes keep other frozen meals or mini pizzas if I want something quick with no prep.

Yogurt – These yogurt cups are really convenient healthy snack option. I try to stick with plain greek yogurt with some fruit/granola but sometimes I treat myself to a flavored greek yogurt with toppings.

Pantry Goods – most of these I already have in my dorm from a previous semester or previous grocery trip

Microwave meals/rice – Barilla pasta meals, minute rice, Uncle Ben’s ready rice… All convenient ways to get some carbs and whole grains right in the microwave.

Nuts – One of my favorite snacks(peanuts are my favorite). Always have a can or bag of nuts in the room and usually some trail mix or granola for a treat. I also use peanut butter a lot for a snack on some bread, apple, or rice cake.

Crackers/Cereal – I usually eat this as a snack with lunch, and while not the healthiest, it makes for a quick and tasty snack. 

Treats – I usually keep some treats around like candy and chocolate chips. I add the chocolate chips to oatmeal or on top of peanut butter rice cakes. I also eat fruit snacks sometimes for a treat which are basically gummy, fruit-flavored candies.
This is an example of a typical college grocery haul and some of the foods I eat to try to avoid the processed goop in the dining hall. Let me know if this was helpful and if you want to see more grocery hauls in the future(I try to switch them up). Do y’all eat any of these same foods or have any suggestions for me? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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