REVIEW: Thomas’ Maple French Toast English Muffins

I’ve never tried any different english muffin flavors beside the original, which to me, is nothing to write home about. I’m more of an oatmeal/cereal kind of guy to be honest. But considering I love french toast, and after reading JunkBanter’s review (found here: I had to try them. So during my latest college dorm grocery haul, I followed my nose to the sweet, maple smell of these muffins.


I can assure you, I’m not joking about the smell of these babies. The english muffins smell like maple syrup, their bag smells like maple syrup, heck, the entire aisle smelled like maple syrup. And the maple smell is phenomenal… I should bought a couple extra packages just to use as air fresheners. Who need new car smell? Just throw a package of these in your backseat. Don’t wanna spend a bunch of money on cologne? Carry one of these around with you, the girls will come running. But in all seriousness, these smell incredible.

I started off breaking one open, and trying it plain. The first thing I noticed soft, gooey pieces in the muffin. This caught me off guard as it felt like uncooked pieces of dough, but they turned out to be small bits of sweet maple flavor. Notice that I describe this product to have “maple” flavor, not “french toast” flavor. It’s missing a key aspect to french toast.. The cinnamon. These english muffins are sweet and tasty, but aren’t 100% maple french toast flavor.


To counter this, I added peanut butter and cinnamon to the other half. Tasting this instantly brought back memories of my mama’s homemade, cinnamony french toast. The peanut butter also added some pleasant flavor and substance to the muffin.

Overall, I would highly recommend these muffins. If you’re not into english muffins, you can always use them as an air freshener. Toasting these and adding some spread make a great breakfast or snack. They would probably make a great breakfast sandwich also suggested by JunkBanter. Go out and sniff yourself to some of these maple french toast english muffins.

Purchased at: Harris Teeter – Raleigh, NC
Price: $4.39
Rating: 9/10


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