REVIEW: Halo Top S’mores Ice Cream

It would be hard not to be aware of Halo Top ice cream with the amount of binge watching fitness and eating videos on Youtube I do. People love this stuff so much, it’s like religion.. Yes, I’m talking to you Travis S.

I’ve actually tried Halo Top once before, a long time ago (I remember it was really good, but no details). When I spotted it at Kroger, I snatched up the s’mores flavor to give it a true review.


Halo Top is “light” ice cream and a “good source of protein” according to the package. The ingredient list begins with “milk and cream, eggs” as opposed to some other low-calorie ice creams that don’t even contain dairy. Halo Top is mainly sweetened stevia with erythritol which are zero-calorie sweeteners used to keep the calories/carbs down. The s’mores flavor contains 320 calories per pint, but other Halo Top flavors range from 240-360 calories per pint. To put this in perspective 1 pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is around 1000 calories. A ½ cup of Halo Top is 60-90 calories. So as you can see, this would be popular among the fitness and weight-loss communities.

Now i’ve heard enough talk, let’s see if it lives up to the hype.


Upon opening the tub, it looks and smells like typical ice cream.. Quite soft with a hint of butterscotch smell. I was surprised with how soft it was, the package even said it would be harder than other ice creams because it doesn’t use any artificial softeners. Maybe something’s wrong with my freezer…  I actually prefer my ice cream on the harder side, that way I can enjoy it longer and I can’t just gulp it down too fast. OK, enough rambling, let’s get to the ice cream.


The s’mores ice cream appeared to have some sort of vanilla-like base, with chocolate chips and light brown bits that i’m guessing is the “graham crunch” on the ingredients list.

The taste was extremely sweet, much sweeter than i’d expect from a “light” ice cream. The brown bits were not so much “graham crunch”, but more like graham mush, as they seem to have essentially disintegrated into the ice cream. It was hard to really tell the flavor of the base since it had all kind of meshed together. Maybe the base was supposed to marshmallow flavored… it basically tasted like straight sweet sugar which is basically marshmallow lol. The chocolate chips added some nice texture but they weren’t very flavorful and didn’t add much to the s’more effect.


All together, it didn’t really taste like a s’more. The closest flavor I can liken it to is chocolate chip cookie dough, which obviously isn’t a bad thing. The graham bits were like the mushy cookie dough, along with chocolate chips in vanilla ice cream was just like chocolate chip cookie dough. It’s hard to go wrong with cookie dough… wait… this isn’t cookie dough… this is s’mores flavored, it’s so similar I almost forgot. My point is: this is pretty darn good ice cream, they just didn’t nail the flavor they were going for. Everyone makes mistakes.


With all that being said, I believe it’s difficult to create a good s’mores ice cream. How do you create marshmallow flavor/texture? What flavor do you use as the base ice cream? How do you integrate graham flavor without grahams getting soggy? So I’m gonna cut Halo Top a break, It wasn’t great s’mores flavor, but it was a tasty ice cream.. Especially for the macros. So they didn’t nail the flavor, and it was almost too sweet(c’mon Halo Top, cut back with the erythritol), but I can imagine even the worst Halo Top is probably better than a lot of other ice creams. So I’m going to rate it 8/10.
Purchased at: Kroger – Durham, NC
Price: $3.49 (part of Buy 6, Save $3)
Rating: 8/10


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