College Dorm Grocery Haul #2


Welcome back to my grocery haul series for its second installment. These posts show some of the foods that I like to get for my dorm room since I don’t use the meal plan. I try to generally eat healthy, but I also like to try new things and switch it up. You’ll see some items that get often, which are my staples. These typically include: apples, lettuce, bread and veggies. Then I fill in any other pantry items that I’m getting low on, plus I try to throw in some new items and treats to try. Let’s check out what I got this week:



I got my typical lettuce, apples and sandwich meat this week… nothing new there. I already have some bread left over and some bagels from Brueggers so I was set there. I don’t know why I included the salsa in this picture.. It’s more of a pantry item, but we’ll go with it. Anyways, I was getting low so I got a new one ($1.87 for 24oz!). I also got 2 new Chobani flip flavors (S’mores and Cinnamon Bun) because I’ve really been enjoying greek yogurts lately. And the flip toppings make it a real treat!



I’ve had a cold for about 10 days now so I’ve been going through my soups like crazy. I know prepared soups are not the healthiest, but they make a quick, cheap lunch and I’ve been downing the stuff like nothin’ so I stocked up. Also, more tissues were much needed to say the least lol.



I wanted some more crackers since I like to snack on them or bring them with me for lunch. I love the sweet and salty granola bars a lot and they make a really convenient breakfast or snack if I’m in a hurry. Beef jerky is another one of my favorite snacks. I’ve never tried this brand but I can’t imagine sweet&spicy beef jerky being bad, so we’ll see. Finally, the oreos are not a typical purchase, but i’ve heard so much about these red velvet, I had to try them. In celebration of their 2 year anniversary you can expect a review coming real soon.

Price: $27.87

Purchased at: Harris Teeter – Raleigh, NC


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