REVIEW: Red Velvet Oreos


In celebration of Red Velvet Oreo’s 2 year anniversary yesterday… I’m going to be trying them for the first time! I learned this thanks to @oreo_hunters on Instagram, along with the fact that they became a mainstay in the Oreo lineup as of January 2016. With such critical acclaim, by the likes of Junk Food Guy,  Greg Miller, and Buzzfeed, I had to give them a try.  So today, I finally decided to pick up a package to see what they’re all about.



What do they smell like, you ask? Intoxicating. They smell like an actual cake out of the oven with sweet cream cheese frosting. I’d have to say the most prominent smell is the cream cheese filling, but it honestly smells like a red velvet cupcake. Now the bouquet wasn’t terribly strong, I had to get up close to them for the full effect, but no one wants an extremely overpowering smell, it’d be too tempting. Like I need to add another pack of Oreos to my waistline. Another note upon first glance is that the cookies are not terribly red. Without looking closely, it’d be hard to notice they aren’t just regular Oreos.


Now you can’t have oreos without milk, and yeah, that’s right, I drink my milk straight out of the bottle because I make the rules around here. Like a BOSS… wait.. Then I can’t dunk them.


That’s more like it (there’s milk in there, I promise).  The first thing I noticed upon first bite is how soft the creme is. It almost oozed out of the sides when I bit into it. The second thing I noticed was the strong taste of cream cheese icing. Yes, it tasted like cream cheese icing right out of the tub. I didn’t seem to get much taste from the red cookie itself, mostly icing. But I can’t say i’m 100% pleased with the icing flavor though. When eating the creme alone, it was almost too strong with a touch of artificial chemically taste. Well, what can you expect when the package blatantly states “ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED” in big letters right on the front. Heck, that label is even bigger than the “cream cheese flavored creme” label.

The cookie itself just taste like a rather boring regular oreo chocolate cookie, but it does its job holding everything together and offsetting the potent creme. Eating the cookie together with the creme was a good combination though. You still mostly get the creme flavor but they compliment eachother nicely. When pairing the cookie with milk, it doesn’t necessarily change the flavor of the cookie, but improves the overall experience by adding the “Milk’s Favorite Cookie” effect. I like what Nabisco did with this one. I can’t say it’s perfect, but it’s a solid, unique Oreo flavor. I’d recommend going out and trying these if you’re an Oreo fan.

Price: $3.50
Purchased at: Harris Teeter – Raleigh, NC
Rating: 8.5/10


One thought on “REVIEW: Red Velvet Oreos

  1. I haven’t seen these (probably because I’ve been avoiding the cookie aisle) and I love red velvet, so I might just have to try them for myself. Thanks for introducing me and for the review. 🙂


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