REVIEW x2: Chobani “Flip” Cinnabun Fun & S’more S’mores

Chobani flip, what a great invention. You can take your laziness to the next level by having your yogurt and toppings all in the same place! Just kidding, I love these, and in college i’m always looking for convenience. Let’s check out 2 of their relatively NEW flavors: Cinnabun Fun and S’more S’mores.


Cinnabun Fun:

I first tasted the yogurt by itself and it was essentially vanilla yogurt with cinnamon in it. This was a nice combination, it almost had a cream cheese icing kind of vibe to it. Along with the cinnamon, it gave a taste that was quite reminiscent of a cinnamon roll… for a yogurt, that is.

I then tried each of the topping individually.

Pastry pieces: rather bland chunks of crunchy pastry. Kinda like bit of cookie… without the sugar.
Cinnamon roasted pecans: Sweet, candied pecans. The kind you’d find on a salad or something. Good stuff.
Chewy caramels: small, light-brown cubes with decent caramel flavor. Interesting choice for a cinnamon roll topping.

I was excited for this because I’m a big cinnamon roll fan, but I hate to say that I was disappointed by the combination of the yogurt and toppings. I lost any notion of cream cheese icing flavor and it almost felt like I was just eating vanilla yogurt with granola in it. I was able to differentiate the toppings by their texture, and while it was nice to have some crunch, that’s not really what I expect from a cinnamon roll. It’s a tasty yogurt, I just didn’t feel like it was a good representation of a cinnamon roll. There’s a chance I would buy it again, but it’s nothing terribly exciting.


S’more S’mores: The yogurt here was just sweet vanilla yogurt. I was curious to see if it would have any trace of marshmallow flavor, but nothing, just vanilla yogurt.

Graham pieces: Tasted like regular graham crackers
Toasted sugar bits: This is supposed to be the marshmallow flavor I guess. Pretty much just tasted like granulated sugar. Very crunchy.
Chocolate chips: Milk chocolate chips were reminiscent of Hershey’s milk chocolate typically used in s’mores.

All together is where this product shined. Again, the vanilla yogurt didn’t add much to the s’more taste, but the combination of the toppings really tasted like a s’more! On each bite, after I got through the yogurt and crunching the toppings, I was suffused with authentic smores flavor. The toasted sugar bits actually tasted like toasted marshmallow and the graham/chocolate naturally combined for a classic s’more taste. It was an interesting mixture with the yogurt, but I was overall impressed with the s’mores representation by Chobani flip.

Purchased at: Harris Teeter – Raleigh, NC
Price: $1.50 each
Chobani Flip Cinnabun Fun Rating: 7/10
Chobani Flip S’more S’mores Rating: 8.5/10

Question: Do y’all pronounce pecan like: PEE-can or pa-CON? This has been an ongoing debate in my family and I want to hear what you all say. Let me know in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “REVIEW x2: Chobani “Flip” Cinnabun Fun & S’more S’mores

  1. I say it PEE-can. I don’t like greek yogurt cause I think it tastes like eating cream cheese straight and I’m not a fan of that, but this sound really good (particularly the s’mores one cause I LOVE s’mores!).


  2. I love ALL things s’mores flavored and I LOVE Chobani Flips! Didn’t even know these were flavors so I’m dying to try them now 🙂 p.s. I say it like pa-CON 😉


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