REVIEW: Snyder’s Brick Oven Style Pizza Flavored Pretzel Sandwiches

I’ve been crunching on snack food recently more than I ever have before. From pork rinds to trail mix, I’ve been downing as much sugar and salt as I can before spring/summer comes and I might be obligated to take off my shirt. I need to take advantage of this eating season while it’s still here. I’m typically a fan of Snyder’s unique pretzel flavors, so I decided to pick up these new Brick Oven Style Pizza Flavored Pretzel Sandwiches at my local  Harris Teeter.



I don’t see the point of calling them “Brick Oven Style”. I’m not sure how a pretzel snack is supposed to capture the subtle flavor differences between regular pizza and brick oven style. Also, my taste buds aren’t trained enough to tell if these taste particularly like a brick oven pizza so you’ll have to bear with me.


Upon opening the bag, I immediately got a strong smell of “pizza snack”. You know, tomato-ey with herbs, especially oregano. It’s pretty obvious that Snyder’s is going for something like Combos (a classic pizza snack imo) here. I mean how many times does the package have to mention “combo” to get that across.

I guess the pretzels are supposed to act as the pizza crust, while the filling is the cheese/sauce. These things taste good, just good. The filling is smooth and flavorful, and the pretzels add some substance, but nothing to get too excited over. The pretzels are a bit bland (it’s a pretzel after all) but it offers a nice contrast to the very salty insides. The filling is sweet and flavorful with hints of herb. I’m not saying these taste like a real pizza, but as far as snack foods go they do taste quite good. They were very snackable and addicting, I found myself mindlessly eating these as I prepared this review. So i’d definitely recommend these if you like snack foods, especially pizza flavor. These are a lot like Pizza Combos.

I feel like most of my reviews tend to highly praise the product. Probably because most things i review are chosen because I read someone else’s positive review about it. (in this case: Junk Food Guy) Make sure you check these pretzels out next time you’re looking for a snack

Purchased at: Harris Teeter – Chapel Hill, NC
Price: $3 on sale
Rating: 7.5/10


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