REVIEW: Cherry Cordial Delight Peeps

I know, I know, Valentine’s day was like 2 weeks ago. Why am I reviewing this with all the new Easter candy coming out? Because I’m a cheap college geek who wants to optimize his caloric return on investment. When I saw “VALENTINES CLEARANCE 50% OFF” at my Kroger I was like a kid in a candy shop. Actually I was more like the weird creepy guy foraging the clearance section like a lunatic.


I’m torn on this product. Cordial cherries are one of my favorite candies, but Peeps… not so much. Honestly, my expectation aren’t very high. A cherry flavored marshmallow covered in coarse sugar and dipped in chocolate? Hopefully the chocolate will salvage what sounds like a mediocre-at-best treat.


They were pretty cute. Little squishy, red chicks. How these 3 chicks packed 150 calories and 28g of sugar is beyond me. At 42 grams for the entire package, they are literally ⅔ sugar. Better brush your teeth real good after these!


The texture of the marshmallow was quite pleasant, soft and nicely chewy, but on the other hand it’s just a marshmallow, nothing terribly exciting. The cherry-sugar coating had subtle flavor but did have some cherry to it. The chocolate dip wasn’t super high quality and broke apart when I bit it, but added a nice sweetness and texture to the Peep. These actually did a good job of encapsulating the flavor of a cherry cordial in my opinion (for a marshmallow, that is). Like I stated earlier, I’ve never really thought of peeps as being an enjoyable treat, I’ve always ranked them low on the candy totem poll, but these were actually pretty good. Overall, it did have a pleasant cherry/chocolate flavor that was reminiscent of a cordial cherry, but wasn’t really a satisfying dessert.
After 3 Peeps, I was left wanting more. (I had to break into my Mario Cart shaped fruit snacks afterwords) Even with 28g sugar per 3 Peeps, they weren’t very fulfilling or sweet. (not 28g of sugar sweet) They were pretty good for Peeps, but overall I’d have to rate them a 6/10.

Purchased at:  Kroger – Durham, NC
Price:  $0.99 (clearance)
Rating: 6/10


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