REVIEW: Chips Ahoy! THINS Oatmeal Cookies

Nabisco is expanding upon their “thins” line already consisting of 5 Oreo thin flavors, by adding 4 varieties of Chips Ahoy thins. I like the idea of cookie “thins”, I’m a fan of eating more cookies for a lower caloric penalty. I’ve tried the original Oreo thins in the past and enjoyed them. They’re essentially a smaller version of an oreo so you can eat more and not feel as bad about yourself. I don’t really eat Chips Ahoy! Cookies anymore, but they do bring on some nostalgic emotions from eating them as a child when I really liked them. I’m also a huge fan of oatmeal cookies (oatmeal raisin FTW) so I have some high expectation for these.


Chips Ahoy cookies have a unique taste, unlike any other cookie, and an almost salty aspect to them. I was interested to see if these thins would encapsulate the classic Chips Ahoy taste. The original flavored thins probably would’ve been a better test for this but I just couldn’t pass up the oatmeal.


The smell of these cookies were that of original Chips Ahoy, a good start! Lots of sweet chocolate smell. The cookies were very thin and light (obviously) and extremely crispy. They did have some of the nostalgic Chips Ahoy taste, but just weren’t substantial enough to have the full effect. They were sweet and tasty, but it almost took ½ a cookie or a full cookie to get the full taste and enjoyment of the cookie. There were definitely some oats in there too which offered nice texture. After eating a couple, I did notice a bit of a plastic taste. Does anyone else notice this? Maybe my package had been sitting too long or something..?

Now I understand that these are really thin cookies targeted toward people watching their food intake, but I prefer a little more substantial cookie. They were a nice snack and I can eat about double the number of cookies for the same calories so it’s not too bad. They are pretty good if you’re looking for a light dessert, or a little sweet to go along with a snack. These are pretty basic, nothing unprecedented, but I’d be open to buying them again and trying the other flavors.


Purchased at: Kroger – Durham, NC
Price: FREE (free friday coupon)
Rating: 7/10


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