Dorm Grocery Haul #3 && HI-CHEW Green Apple Quick REVIEW


Welcome to the third installment of my college dorm grocery haul series. Here, I will show y’all some of the things that I typically pick up on a weekly grocery haul. I eat out occasionally, but I do not use the college meal plan and create most of my meals myself. I try to minimize cost while still buying things I enjoy and trying new things. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas for healthy, easy meals in a dorm/apartment without breaking the bank.



Fruit – I got my typical apples(a total of 5) along with kiwis. I’ve never bought kiwis in college before but they were 4/$1 and though they would make a good snack and I really like them. Also, I typically try to eat an apple every day so this should last me about a week.

Veggies – I know tomatoes are technically fruit, but I associate them more with veggies. I picked them up to supplement my typical iceberg lettuce to get some more micronutrients and because I like them as a snack/side. I’ve been trying to get other types of lettuce and spinach besides iceberg lately because I’ve learned that it has low nutritional value, but it’s hard to pass up for $1 and it goes great on my sandwiches.

Other – I got a small milk because i still have some leftover, but I thought i’d need a bit more to make it through the week. Also, I got 2% milk because I’ve pretty much drank skim milk my entire life and I’m trying to incorporate more fatty milks because they’re more nutritious. I got honey roasted turkey this week because there was a very good sale on it. More and more I’ve been trying to avoid processed deli meats for more natural options, but this week I stuck with the processed stuff for convenience. Finally, more yogurts because I’ve really been enjoying them lately. I got Fage Total with mango and Fage Crossover maple yogurt with granola.



Microwave meals – I ran out of these last week and like to keep some on me in case I want something easy or I’m in a rush. I know these aren’t very healthy, but I’ll typically supplement it with some veggies or whole grain. I especially like the Barilla ones because they have less sodium than others and have relatively good nutritional value.

Snacks – I was running low on granola bars and picked up these new Kashi bars because they looked good and were on sale. I typically just buy store brand bars (sweet and salty is my fav) but I decided to try this new type because they look delicious. Some Georgia Fried Peanuts because I love peanuts and I love Georgia. Also, they were only $1 for 4oz!

Other – Salsa because I ran out and I like it with tons of stuff (eggs, chips, crackers, chicken, minute rice cups). Pepperidge Farm whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread because I love the stuff and I wanted to switch it up from last week’s bulky rolls. This should make for some interesting sandwiches lol. And finally, some more gum and Hi-Chew green apple candy because I’ve heard very good things about it and I’ve been wanting to try it.


Hi-Chew Green Apple Quick REVIEW: Extremely chewy for a candy. It’s almost like a piece of gum that slowly dissolves over a short time period. I like this aspect of it because I like gum and candies that I can suck on for a while. It is like a mixture between gum and Starburst candy. It was lacking in the flavor department, though. It had a pleasant green apple flavor but was not nearly as sweet as Starburst and had no sourness that you might expect from green apple. Overall it’s a pleasant candy, but probably won’t buy again unless I see a flavor that particularly attracts me.

Rating: 6.5/10

Grocery Haul Price: $28.52

Location: Harris Teeter – Raleigh, NC


One thought on “Dorm Grocery Haul #3 && HI-CHEW Green Apple Quick REVIEW

  1. If you want a healthier option for microwave meals, I like the Healthy Choice single serve meals found in the freezer section. They’re typically $2.50-$3.00 and they’re pretty yummy. My favorite is the marinara with grilled chicken and parmesan. 🙂


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