REVIEW x3: Trader Joe’s Mocha Joe-Joe’s, Coffee Glazed Almonds, Coffee Cocoa Batons && TJ’s Coffee Madness haul

Trader Joe’s most recent new product release includes a variety of coffee themed items. From candy to yogurt… to cosmetics and actual coffee, Trader Joe’s is certainly bringing some unique products to the table. This release excites me, I love coffee and pretty much anything coffee flavored (coffee ice cream FTW). I was delighted to hear of these new products. I’ve also enjoyed many of TJ’s themed products in the past. The pumpkin items in the fall are great, and though I didn’t try much, last summer’s mango fest sounded very appealing. Not to mention I’m a big fan of Trader Joe’s in general; I enjoy many of their quirky products and low prices.

When I heard of these coffee products products I was really excited. Like I said before, I’m a big fan of anything coffee and when I saw the Mocha Joe-Joes, coffee almonds, and other treats popping up on the internet, I had to get myself to a Trader Joe’s. So when I arrived home for the weekend, I prioritized this trip in order to procrastinate my other activities. Trader Joe’s coffee fest is more important than homework, right?

It felt like ages since I had been to a Trader Joe’s. I began to remember why I like this store so much. Great prices, unique, quality products. In fact, some of my favorite products of all time come from TJ’s brand packaging. My 2 favorite salad dressings: Trader Joe’s Goddess Dressing and TJ’s Sriracha Ranch. Some of my favorite cereals: TJ’s Maple Brown Sugar Frosted Shredded Wheat and TJ’s Toasted Oatmeal Flakes. Their Fat Free Tart Frozen Yogurt (I think it’s beed discontinued)  is killer as well. Oh if only I had one near my college…

Some of the new coffee products I found:

Coffee Body Scrub

Mocha Joe-Joe sandwich cookies

Coffee glazed almonds & cashews

Coffee Toffee shortbread cookies

Coffee caramels

Vienna Coffee meringues

Coffee cocoa baton cookies

Cold brew coffee concentrate

Cold brew latte dessert bars

Coffee and garlic BBQ rub & seasoning

Dark chocolate covered espresso beans

Coffee ice creams

Frozen coffee flavored pies

…and a lot more I can’t think of right now

I ended up getting a medium-sized haul including some basics, plus a bunch of interesting new products. I got the Coffee Glazed Almonds, Mocha Joe-Joe’s, Coffee Cocoa Batons, and sweet plantain chips to try. Check out my following quick reviews:

Coffee Cocoa Batons: Very crispy outer layer, creamy chocolate filling, some subtle coffee flavor, nothing special. They were nice dipped in milk and probably good dipped in coffee, but these really aren’t my kind of thing. I’m more of a fresh baked oatmeal cookie kind of guy, but these just weren’t enough. I feel like I could down the whole package in 5 minutes no problem. They tasted pretty good but I probably wouldn’t buy again; not much coffee flavor or smell either.

Rating 6/10

Coffee Almonds: These reminded me of honey roasted almonds, with ground coffee incorporated into the glaze. The coffee was not too strong, but added a nice coffee flavor. These made for quite an enjoyable snack in my opinion since I love nuts and coffee. They had a nice contrast of sweet/bitter with the glaze and coffee grinds, but nothing mindblowing.

Rating: 8/10

Mocha Joe-joes: As soon as I opened the package, I got an heavenly smell of coffee and chocolate… like a mocha lol. The kind of smell you get when you walk into a gourmet coffee shop and get a mix of all the different coffee flavors. I love this smell. The next thing I noticed was that the creme was very soft, much softer than a regular Oreo. You could ooze the creme out of the sides just by squeezing the cookie. Now for the taste: I’m not familiar with joe joes cookies but there was no coffee flavor in the actual wafer. It seemed like it was just a regular chocolate Joe-Joe wafer. The creme was very sweet with crunchy specks of what I believe were ground coffee beans. These specks are where some subtle coffee flavor came from, but not much. There really wasn’t that much coffee flavor in the cookie which was a disappointment especially after that heavenly smell. The wafer and creme combined created a nice flavor, but still not enough coffee for me. So overall, the smell was incredible, but the flavor was underwhelming.

Note: I didn’t have any milk or coffee to dunk these cookies into, so you should probably take this review with a grain of salt. They were good cookies but just didn’t live up to my expectation.

Rating: 6.5/10

The plantain chips were pretty good but had a different texture than potato chips. More chalky and not as sweet as I was expecting. I don’t think I’d buy these again. Overall, I was a bit underwhelmed by the new products I tried. They were solid, but the coffee products lacked coffee flavor and didn’t live up to what I expected. But I’m glad I got to visit Trader Joe’s and can’t wait until my next chance to go.


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