REVIEW: Pillsbury Pumpkin Pie Toaster Strudel

Here’s my take on Toaster Strudel vs. Pop Tarts:

Convenience: Pop Tart wins here. No need for toasting or freezer space, just grab and go.

Health: Haha, these both contribute to your health in the negative direction. The scale may tip slightly in Toaster Strudel’s favor due to slightly less calories and sugar but with a bit more fat.

Overall Quality: Toaster Strudel all the way. Warm gooey center, crispy flaky crust. I also feel like i’m eating something more substantial, with more nutrition (even though I’m not) If you have the few extra minutes in the morning, pop your Toaster Strudel in the toaster for a gourmet version of a typical American, processed, sugary breakfast.

Toaster Strudel is like Pop-Tarts gourmet cousin. Bigger, more filling, flaky crust, customizable icing. Though Pop Tart holds a nostalgic place in my heart, I’d enjoy a Toaster Strudel over a Pop Tart most days. It still amazes me that the average measly Pop Tart has more calories and over 50% more sugar than one Toaster Strudel with icing.


I’m also a fan of the packaging. I like how Pillsbury changes the color of the entire box when they come out with a limited edition Strudel. It makes it easy to recognize the special product. The package looks nice and is very compact, sliding nicely into the limited space of my tiny-ass dorm freezer.

Luckily, I found a toaster tucked away in the cupboards of my dorm kitchen after realizing that toasting is the only method of cooking according to the package. I hadn’t considered this when purchasing. **C’mon Seasoned Review, they are called Toaster Strudels!** This toaster also looked like it had been through some rough times.. At least it works.

The smell of the strudel was that of other toaster strudels. On the outside, it smelled like pastry crust and butter/grease. When I cut open the toasted strudel is when I immediately got a strong pumpkin spice smell. It actually made me think of fall and reminded me of other pumpkin spice products I’ve tried before. After applying icing (In the shape of 100 to celebrate 100 Instagram followers) I was ready to eat.

The filling definitely had pumpkin spice flavor, the spices were even visible in the filling. But, something was missing from the whole “pumpkin pie” effect. The spices were there, but I think the actual pumpkin flavor was missing in action. These should have been called Pumpkin Spice Toaster Strudels because they didn’t really remind me of pumpkin pie. They definitely reminded me of fall, though, as soon as I broke one open I got the smell of pumpkin spice and everything nice. The filling tasted more like other mainstream pumpkin spice products rather than pumpkin pie, kinda like the spice of a pumpkin spice latte… without the coffee flavor.



As for the pastry and icing, these were nice features of the product. After about 1-1.5 cycles through the toaster, the crust came out nice and crispy with the typical Toaster Strudel slightly greasy, flaky feel. The crust was very pleasant and actually did have characteristics of a pie crust. The icing was your normal Toaster Strudel icing, very sweet, and kind of added a whipped cream sort of effect (though it was by no means light and fluffy). Altogether, It was a very enjoyable treat but just missed the mark a bit with it’s name which deducted maybe 1-1.5 points in the rating.

Purchased at: Harris Teeter – Raleigh, NC
Price: $0.93 (clearance)
Rating: 7.5/10

I want to thank all my readers and followers for getting me to 100 likes on Instagram. If you weren’t aware, my Instagram account can be found here.  I know my posts have been sparse lately and that’s because it’s coming to the end of the college semester and I’ve been quite busy. In May, I’ll be home for the summer and I expect to have more time to get reviews out and a full kitchen to experiment with new recipes. Thanks again for the support and stay tuned for big things to come on Seasoned Review!

P.S: What do y’all think of my new Bitmoji my sister made me? I think i’m gonna make it my profile picture for the blog and Instagram.


3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Pillsbury Pumpkin Pie Toaster Strudel

  1. Honest opinion: I like the bitmoji but since your blog name is ‘seasoned review,’ I feel like the pic should be of a seasoning or something. You don’t want people to see it and think you only review cereal or breakfast foods.

    P.S. Was the kiwi on your plate your attempt at eating a healthy side food for breakfast?


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