REVIEW: Chobani Flip Strawberry Summer Crisp

Chobani is “springing” into summer with the release of their Limited Batch Strawberry Summer Crisp greek yogurt. Apparently this flavor was originally released in 2015 for the summer season but this is the first time I’m trying it. This is definitely my favorite time of the year. The weather is beautiful, everything is blooming, there is life again after the cold winter months. Today is also my sister’s birthday, Happy birthday! Let’s celebrate with some greek yogurt like the health nuts we try to be!

Nothing says summer quite like the onset of strawberry flavored products at the grocery.. Oh yeah.. And the actual strawberries that are coming into season. Local groceries are littered with strawberry flavored Hostess cakes, doughnuts, pastries, and buy-1-get-1 free strawberry pints this time of year. Chobani decided to join to party with their Strawberry Summer Crisp containing strawberry greek yogurt, graham cracker crumbs, and white chocolate chips. Not really sure where the graham cracker and which chocolate came from. I guess to fill in the obligatory toppings of the Chobani “flip” line and to add a sweet, crispy compliment to the star of the show (strawberry).

Opening the package, I immediately got a strong smell of strawberry yogurt. Very tangy, characteristic of greek yogurt. The yogurt itself was very tangy and fresh tasting. I felt like I was getting a lemon-citrusy flavor in the yogurt along with strawberry (there was lemon juice concentrate in the ingredients). Here’s my rundown of the toppings: the graham cracker tasted like graham cracker and the white chocolate tasted like white chocolate. No but seriously, the graham was very crispy and had a rich buttery feel to it. The white chocolate was very sweet and rich. Not much to explain here.

All together I thought the final product worked pretty well. Each bit started out with the tangy strawberry yogurt taste and ended with a sweet, rich white chocolate graham taste. In fact, I almost couldn’t taste all the ingredients together, it was like by the time I got to the toppings flavor, the yogurt taste was nearly gone. Any combination flavor I did get kinda reminded me of a strawberry cheesecake flavor, less rich and sweet though.


The graham was very crispy and help its crisp well throughout the whole process. I’ll also note that there were a couple strawberry chunks which I’m not a big fan of but they didn’t bother me much. Overall, this was a very enjoyable Chobani Flip and really exhibited a refreshing, summer taste. Only a few knocks for flavor combination and chunks. Hope everyone is having a nice spring so far!

Purchased at: Harris Teeter – Raleigh, NC
Price: $1 on sale
Rating: 8.5/10


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