REVIEW x2: Firework Oreos && Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos

Nabisco recently announced the upcoming release of several new Oreo flavors this spring and summer. They released 3 of the new flavor in about the past week including Fireworks Oreos, Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos, and Waffles and Syrup Oreos. I was able to find the Dollar General exclusive Mud Pie Oreos at my local Dollar General and I’ve found Fireworks Oreos at Target, Kroger, and Harris Teeter. Unfortunately, Waffles and Syrup Oreos are exclusive to Albertson’s owned stores including Safeway, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s, and more.. None of which are near me. OK, enough nonsense. Let’s eat some Oreos.


Firework Oreos – I was very excited to hear about the inception of Fireworks Oreos. This is one of the very few Oreos that offers a unique texture component AND this Oreo apparently doesn’t contain a new flavor, just a new texture. It seems to just be a regular Double-Stuf Oreo with popping candy in the creme. I like Oreos and popping candy, but I was also very skeptical about this cookie. Would the popping candy already be popped out? Would the candy add a strange flavor and detract from the cookie? I have high hopes but somewhat low expectations for this new Oreo.

They look and smell like regular Oreos, besides the red & blue specks of popping candy in the creme. They taste the same as well, only it has crunchy bits of coarse popping candy in the smooth filling. Not much new here.. But give it a second, then the fun begins. Cookie biter or creme licker, whatever your favorite Oreo eating method is, you will soon undergo an onslaught or serious candy popping. I was incredibly impressed with the popping candy inside this cookie. It is pretty intense and last for a good 15 seconds per bite. The popping doesn’t take away from the cookie, you get the double-stuf Oreo plus another level of excitement. These are probably the most addicting Oreos I’ve ever had and I’m already planning my next trip to the grocery store to pick up some more.

Purchased at: Target
Price: $2.99
Rating: 9.5/10

Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos – Nabisco released these Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos exclusively to Dollar General stores… my least favorite of the major “dollar” stores… everything is not even a dollar! (Dollar Tree all the way). But I somehow keep finding myself back there, usually because my mom’s at the adjacent dry-cleaners and I’d rather look at junk food than piles of clothes and excessive smelling cleaning agents. Or I’m in some rural location where the dollar store is the closest thing I can find to civilization. I find it fitting that this flavor is exclusive to Dollar General. Both are simple, unsophisticated, but still draw you in. They are both like a dumping ground for basic but appealing ingredients.

Mississippi Mud Pie seems like a difficult flavor to mess up, it’s just chocolate crust, rich chocolate filling, and usually some type of creamy topping. Pretty hard to go wrong, now let’s see how well Nabisco embodies this simple, rich pie.

The smell is normal at first, pretty much the familiar chocolate smell of Oreo cookies. Upon second sniff, I get a subtle, super-sweet smell kind of like marshmallow. The cookie contains 2 types of cremes: chocolate, and what Oreo claims as a new marshmallow flavored creme. The chocolate portion tasted fudgey, kind of like a chocolate fudge pudding. I had trouble, though, discerning between regular white Oreo creme and this new “marshmallow” flavored creme. It was basically just really sweet and creamy tasting. All together, the cookie tasted very good, but not incredible. It’s hard to mess up chocolate and marshmallow so of course it tasted good, it just wasn’t anything mind blowing. I probably wouldn’t buy it again from a mixture of it being an average Oreo, and because that would force me to venture to another Dollar General.

Purchased at: Dollar General
Price: $3
Rating: 6.5/10



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