REVIEW x2: Thomas’ S’mores English Muffins && Chobani Watermelon Greek Yogurt

The onslaught of summer flavors begins. Around this point in the year, it seems like almost every brand is coming out with a S’mores flavor product. From cereals to cinnamon rolls, to english muffins, s’mores are everywhere. As for watermelon, it’s definitely a summer flavor but not as commonly seen in processed foods. Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits but I’m interested to see how it’s portrayed in greek yogurt. What better way to kick off summer than with junk food! (Well, not too junky)


In typical Thomas’ fashion, these english muffins have a potent scent. You won’t smell these english muffins from down the aisle like Thomas’ Maple French Toast muffins, but through the bag there is a distinct chocolatey smell. It seems like an artificial chocolate smell though, certainly not the smell of a Hershey’s chocolate bar. To my knowledge this is the first chocolate based Thomas’ product which results in a darker colored muffin. It also contains little white marshmallow bits and little black bits that I presume is the “chocolate” of the s’more.

I’ve tried this muffin plain, toasted with butter, and with peanut butter. As for the taste: it doesn’t really taste like a s’more. It’s basically a sweet english muffin with a strange chocolate taste. Also, the marshmallow taste wasn’t really there and I didn’t notice the chocolate bits at all. The muffin has the Thomas’ english muffin characteristic chewiness which doesn’t help the s’more texture. Not to say it’s not an enjoyable snack, it just doesn’t really live up to it’s s’more namesake. It’s a sweet muffin that goes well with a variety of toppings and I actually enjoyed them. I’m sure they’d go well with different spreads, peanut butter banana, or even as a sweet & savory sandwich. It’s a solid snack, it’s just lacking a bit on the whole s’more effect. It’s possible I’d buy again but I’d rather have the french toast english muffins to be honest.


Chobani Limited Batch Watermelon Blended Greek Yogurt

The yogurt has a pale pink hue… so far so good. But upon tasting it, I was blown away with how bland this yogurt was. I’ve come to expect a certain standard from Chobani over the years. Not to say that this yogurt is low quality, it just doesn’t taste like watermelon  It has a very faint watermelon taste. If any, it’s fake tasting. In it’s defense, besides candy, I’ve found that watermelon tasting foods tend to not taste very good and this product is no exception. If you gave me this yogurt in a blind taste test, I’d probably guess it’s vanilla because it’s sweet but has no flavor. The slightest bit of watermelon flavor I did get was at the very beginning and end, but it wasn’t very pleasing. It gave an artificial sort of aftertaste. The rest of the yogurt just tasted like vanilla. When it comes to watermelon, fresh is the way to go.. And when it comes to Chobani, stick to the more traditional flavors of greek yogurt.

Purchased at: Walmart (yogurt), Harris Teeter (english muffins)
Price: $0.88 (yogurt), $2.25 (english muffins)
Chobani Watermelon Yogurt Rating: 4/10
Thomas’ S’mores English Muffin Rating: 6.5/10


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