REVIEW: Kroger Simple Truth Low Cow Lite Ice Creams: Birthday Cake && Sea Salt Caramel

The light ice cream movement is booming and nothing stands in its way. I’m not complaining, if I can eat a higher volume of ice cream for the same caloric price, bring it on. Too bad these things cost so dang much. You could easily find a half-gallon tub for a smaller price tag than one of these measly pints.

With the success of light dairy desserts such as Arctic Zero, churn style ice cream, and especially Halo Top, we’ve seen more and more brands rolling out the low-calorie treats. Breyer’s recently dropped their low-cal Breyer’s Delights, and now Kroger’s Simple Truth brand released their attempt at light ice cream. Simple Truth offers 6 flavors: Vanilla bean, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel, Birthday Cake, and Lemon Cake. I picked up the Salted Caramel and Birthday Cake flavors at my local Kroger for $3.99 each to review today. It was slightly cheaper than Halo Top, which was $4.99, but it’s still not easy on the bank account by any means.

Birthday Cake Flavor


This flavor has a real cake batter smell upon opening the pint. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing as you can see. The ice cream is like a sad looking cylinder that hasn’t filled out the container. It’s like I’ve been skimped some of my ice cream… this isn’t a good start, Simple Truth. But it’s what’s on the inside that matters, so let’s get to the taste. This ice cream is extremely sweet, reminiscent of Halo Top, but it does have a bit of that artificial sweetener taste. Once you’re past the sweetness, there is a very good cake batter taste. I was also impressed that the visible sprinkles actually had texture and some were a bit crunchy. I thought this was a nice touch. I really enjoyed this flavor because of the sweet cake batter taste and the texture of the sprinkles. I’d recommend this as a very good entry into the “light, high protein” sector of the ice cream market.


Sea Salt Caramel Flavor


This flavor has a faint caramel smell straight from the package. It has the same aesthetic problem as the birthday cake flavor though it did fill out the container a bit more. No fun visual elements like the sprinkles besides the boring pale hue of the ice cream. After digging in I notice there was a caramel swirl in the center of the pint which was a nice surprise. The caramel had a decent flavor. It was a bit salty and very sweet, but didn’t have the rich, buttery taste of authentic caramel. The ice cream base was just extremely sweet with a slight caramel flavor. Overall, it was a very solid flavor even though salted caramel isn’t usually my thing.


Of course, these are very low calorie ice creams so they’re not going to be as good as real ice cream.. But for the macros, these were very enjoyable. I’d certainly take some premium vanilla ice cream over these any day (flavor wise, of course, we can’t all eat anything we want and stay skinny). If you’re a big fan of Halo Top or other low calorie frozen treats, these are very comparable and I’d highly recommend these flavors for you.

I would definitely recommend letting these sit out for a while before eating. Straight out of the freezer they’re just about rock hard and after maybe 15 minutes they were soft enough for eating. Since these are so “light” the texture is not the creamiest and it can get a bit crumbly, but like i’ve been saying, it’s pretty darn good for the macros. I’d buy again and definitely want to try the other flavors. (except for mint chip.. yuck!)

Purchased at: Kroger – Durham, NC
Price: $3.99 each
Birthday Cake Rating: 9/10
Sea Salt Caramel Rating: 8/10


13 thoughts on “REVIEW: Kroger Simple Truth Low Cow Lite Ice Creams: Birthday Cake && Sea Salt Caramel

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  2. The Low Cow Lite Icecream is tasty, BUT the containers are only 3/4 full! All of the air pockets are at least 1/4 of the container. So disappointed, because the flavors are good! Will be checking the containers gor air pockets & not buying ifnot solid like Halo!!!

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  3. I just opened the mint chocolate chip pint and it looks just like everyone elsehas described. Also, it’s hard! Its one solid piece! The pint of halo top that is next to it in my freezer is creamy so it’s definitely not my freezer! I’m disappointed.


  4. Was anyone else disturbed that there was no sort of safety seal? The fact that it can be opened and touched by anyone through the shipping/stocking process concerns me


  5. These are really affective for weight loss, not only are they low calorie but the artificial sweeteners give it an instant laxative affect too! I’ve tried these three times and both my husband and I have been hit with painful stomach cramps within an hour. Definitely will not buy again


  6. I just tried “Birthday Cake” Low Cow and wow, impressed by both the flavor and low calorie contents. Mildly concerned about the ingredients known as ‘sugar alcohols’ namely Erythritol and Maltitol. Since these may cause digestive problems I wish they would post the quantity – in grams for ex – so those with digestive sensitivities could be in the know.


  7. Is it hard as a rock because it doesn’t have a safety seal!!! When I bought them I had no idea and it freaked me out. I was about to throw them out but apparently this is normal???


  8. God help you if you put it In a bag cause the tops aren’t sealed. Each of them are only half full just stacked up and frozen to look full, and finally they all have a bland grainy taste no matter what flavor and I’ve tried them all thinking it shouldn’t be to bad.


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