REVIEW: Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreos

Nabisco teamed up with Dunkin’ Donuts for their latest release of Mocha Oreos. This is a very welcomed flavor for me since I love coffee treats and Oreo hasn’t released a coffee flavor besides these, apparently, that I never knew existed. I have high expectations for these cookies since those Dunkin’ Donuts sugar bomb drinks are delicious and coffee + chocolate = happiness.

If you’re having trouble finding these Oreos like I did, Mondelez (Nabisco’s parent brand) recently had a ransomware attack which hindered their distribution. I finally found these at Walmart, but I’ve heard they’ve been spotted at Kroger and other stores.


These smell exactly like regular Oreos straight from the package. I get no scent of coffee at all which is a disappointment since that is my favorite smell ever. Even after opening the Oreo and smelling the straight creme left me dumbfounded. Was this just a chocolate Oreo in the wrong packaging? There’s only one way to find out…

The creme itself is where the mocha flavor really comes out. It certainly isn’t coffee flavored, the mocha name is appropriate because it tastes more like one of those coffees that’s mostly creme and sugar than actual coffee. But it’s definitely got discernible coffee flavor, possibly even a real “roasted” coffee kind of flavor. You know, that bit of toasted flavor you get in a dark roast coffee. The creme was very enjoyable with a nice balance of coffee and chocolate sweetness.

Eating the cookie as a whole tasted pretty delightful. The chocolate wafer compliments the chocolatey coffee creme bringing it all together into a “cookie dipped in coffee” effect. Usually I like to lick the creme out of the Oreo but I think my favorite way to eat this one was all together straight from the package. Dipping in milk takes away some of the coffee flavor, but it’s still hard to go wrong with this Oreo. I think even people who don’t like coffee would like this because it doesn’t have a terribly strong coffee flavor, enough to get the idea, along with lots of sweet chocolate flavor. I’m glad they named this “mocha” rather than “coffee” or something similar because, like I said earlier, it’s mostly sweet with just a suitable amount of coffee. I’m a big coffee fan, but for a cookie, I’m very happy with the balance of coffee and chocolate in this product. I hope to see more coffee themed junk food come out and I’m excited to see what Oreo is cooking up next.

How do these compare to Trader Joe’s Mocha Joe Joes? I like these better. I didn’t think the coffee flavor was prevalent enough in TJ’s version. Also, the creme in the Joe Joes contained ground coffee bits which added a gritty texture. All in all, these Mocha Oreos are a great treat for anyone, especially coffee lovers. If you can find them I’d highly recommend grabbing a pack because Nabisco nailed this one.

Purchased At: Walmart – Chapel Hill, NC
Price: $3.98
Rating: 9/10


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