REVIEW: Noosa Pumpkin Yoghurt

I’ve tried Noosa before and wasn’t terribly impressed. It may have been the flavor choice (strawberry & hibiscus) but it just tasted like really creamy yogurt with some jam in it (not great tasting jam either). I even reviewed it on my instagram and said it wasn’t worth the price. But, in their defense, on Noosa’s website, the strawberry & hibiscus flavor is listed as one of the few ‘tart & sweet’ flavors rather than a traditional sweet flavor which probably led to me not liking it as much. But enough rambling, here I am buying it again thanks to Kroger’s free friday coupon this week. I thought why not get into the fall spirit by choosing the pumpkin flavor from their large array of choices. Hopefully this flavor is better than my last choice.


Noosa yogurt comes with the flavored ‘filling’ on the bottom with the yogurt on top. The pumpkin filling was delightful… it tasted like a mixture of pumpkin pie filling and a pumpkin mousse. Super rich and creamy with enough spice to remind me of thanksgiving and my mama’s pumpkin pie. I tried it again after mixing the yogurt with the pumpkin filling. This mellowed out the pumpkin flavor and sweetness and added quite a bit of tanginess. This gave it a sort of pumpkin cheesecake effect, very impressive. The pumpkin filling also contains cream cheese which definitely adds to the cheesecake flavor. Props to Noosa for this delicious creation!

One thing about Noosa Yoghurt is that it’s very decadent in the sense that it feels like a dessert. I cannot see myself eating this yogurt regularly, I’d mostly save it for a treat. It comes in an 8oz serving which is larger than the typical 5.3oz yogurt cup and most flavors contain high levels of sugar. It’s definitely a healthier choice than most desserts, but I’m just trying to say it’s very rich for a yogurt.

This product gave me another perspective on Noosa Yoghurt. So far, they seem kind of hit or miss with me on the flavors. Granted, I’ve tried some strange flavors, but now I’ll have to give them another try to break the tie. I’ve had one great experience (pumpkin) and one OK experience (strawberry & hibiscus). I was very impressed with this flavor and I’m excited to try some more flavors. Have you tried Noosa before? Any flavor recommendations?

Purchased at: Kroger – Durham, NC
Price: ~$2 (free with coupon)
Rating: 9/10


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