REVIEW: Quaker Snowday Gingerbread Spice Chewy Bars

Now that Halloween’s over, it’s time to ditch the pumpkin and get on to the Christmas themed treats. WAIT! What about Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday? Not only does my birthday usually fall within 1 day of Thanksgiving, if not on it, I love celebrating family, thanks, and indulging in some of my favorite foods.  It seems that Thanksgiving is almost forgotten about in the commercialization of the holidays. I guess stores can’t make much money off it. I will not forget, I’m already planning my thanksgiving feast.

I am, however, excited to try these new Quaker Snowday Gingerbread Spice Chewy Bars. I love Chewy bars and I’m always excited for a limited edition flavor. I do tend to like gingerbread men though I don’t like ginger snaps and I’m not a huge fan of ginger in general. But hey, this is a Quaker Chewy bar, it has to be sweet and tasty.

The packaging is quite eye-catching with its shiny, sparkling design. I had no trouble spotting this on the shelves of the granola bar section of my new Target. (Yes, I’m the guy they interviewed in the video in the link)

**Target Side-note** – Yesterday, a new, small-scale Target opened on my college campus of NC State. It’s smaller than a normal target and one of only a few of its type targeted toward college students. About half of the store was grocery, with the other half being electronics, clothing, home goods and pharmacy. It basically has much of what a normal Target has, but scaled way down. That being said, there isn’t much variety in each section, but certainly enough to get by. Also not many unique, limited-edition products — the main ones I spotted were these Quaker bars and Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts.

The bars themselves look like a typical, plain Quaker Chewy bar with a white icing drizzle on top. The smell reminds me of a Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie, but is also reminiscent of walking into the bake shop with my cousins to get gingerbread men every summer (It’s never a bad time for a gingerbread man, Am I right?). As for the taste, there is a good amount of ginger flavor. I honestly was not expecting much in the ginger department, I’ve never really tried a Quaker bar besides the classic chocolate chip or peanut butter. But these punched with ginger and it lingers with you for a few minutes. Not in a bad way though, it really felt like an authentic ginger flavor. The texture is about the same as other chewy bars — pretty malleable and on the verge of falling apart. They do stay together though and offer a nice crisp bite. The icing on the top adds a nice amount of sweetness to offset the spice like the icing on a gingerbread man.


Overall, I was impressed by this bar. It has a strong and convincing ginger flavor that did make me feel like I was eating an authentic gingerbread cookie. Through I’m not a huge fan of ginger, these had a nice balance of ginger and sweetness to make it enjoyable for me. I also like the packaging a lot and appreciate Quaker releasing this new flavor for the holidays. I always enjoy trying new and limited varieties of products and appreciate the time the company puts in to develop them. I probably wouldn’t buy these again simply because I don’t like ginger that much, but I’m glad I tried them and would recommend giving them a try.

Price: $2 (box of 8 bars)
Purchased at: Target – Raleigh, NC
Rating: 8/10


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