REVIEW: Foreign Candy (Maltesers, Kinder, Hazelnut Nougat)

I was recently gifted a bunch of foreign candy from a relative. These candies come from Croatia and France and I’ve never tried any of them before. Looking forward to the Kinder bar and the nougat since I’m a big hazelnut fan.The Teasers bar is also attractive because I’ve seen it multiple times before. Here’s my review of each of these new and unique treats.

Kinder bueno White (France)

The package contains 2 individually wrapped bars. These bar are pretty light and contain ridges dividing the bar into 4 sections. It looks like it’s coated in white chocolate and dusted on the bottom and some of the top with maybe cocoa powder? Or nut shavings?

The bar consists of a light wafer on the bottom topped with 4 dollops of hazelnut cream, covered with white chocolate. It pretty much smells just like white chocolate out of the package. The bar certainly is creamy. The white chocolate combined with the creamy hazelnut and crunch of the wafer was great. It was really light and enjoyable, I would definitely eat this bar again. 8/10



Macarons de Pauline (France)

Fraise (Strawberry) – Smelled of fake fruity smell, almost a medicinal smell. Cookie was crunchy on outside and softer but crumbly on the inside (it obviously wasn’t fresh). The filling tasted like really sweet strawberry candy. Not a real authentic strawberry taste but very sweet nonetheless. 5/10

Pistache (Pistachio) – Almost couldn’t taste the difference between this one and the chocolate. The after taste offers a mild pistachio flavor, but I want more. 6.5/1-

Chocolat (Chocolate) – Great chocolate taste. Same crumbly cookie and smooth filling. Overall, very good cookie.

It’s also worth noting the remarkable resemblance between the picture on the package and the actual product. (Maybe a tad more filling in the picture) 8/10



Nougat (Croatia)

It smells only of chocolate. Tastes exactly like a childhood favorite candy of mine: Southern Season Belgian Chocolate Seashells. It’s a smooth, creamy chocolate hazelnut nugget that melts in your mouth. Pretty hard to beat. I don’t know where the almond flavor comes in, but it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate hazelnut. 9/10



Maltesers Teasers

Wow this is good. The chocolate base taste like typical European chocolate that is a lot creamier and smoother than American Hershey’s chocolate. (I prefer the smooth European chocolate. Here an article explaining the difference if you’re interested: This bar is similar to a Nestle Crunch bar, but the “crunch” pieces are different. In the Maltesers, they have a lot less texture, it’s just like the package says: “Crunchy little Maltesers pieces floating in creamy milk chocolate”. I’ve never had a chocolate bar like this but it was fantastic. Super creamy chocolate with tiny crispy pieces? Take my money. 10/10



Very Bad Kids Extreme

Solid candy. Believe it or not, I’m not a huge fan of Sour Patch Kids, but I do appreciate the new flavors here. I will say that I was expecting these to be more sour because of ‘Extreme’ in the name, but they weren’t very sour at all.

Orange and lemon – solid.

Strawberry – Very impressive and easily my favorite flavor.

Cola – needs a far stretch of the imagination to get anything related to cola.

Black currant – kinda just tasted like a general berry flavor. Honestly, I’m still not sure what flavor the dark ones are…a quick internet translation of ‘cassis’ produced ‘black currant’ — I don’t even know what that is. What flavor is cassis? 7/10



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