After years of reading food blogs, walking grocery store aisles and researching restaurant menus, I’ve decided to take my relationship with food to the next level: creating Seasoned Review.  Your one stop shop for new/interesting product reviews, mom&pop/chain restaurant reviews, recipe attempts(fails) and other nonsense.  I’ve been inspired by similar blogs such as The Impulsive Buy, Grub Grade, Brand Eating, Junk Banter and more. 

Since I don’t know 100% where this blog is going, please provide feedback.  What do you like? What don’t you like? New products that I should review? I try to keep my reviews concise and take a lot of pictures… writing is not my strong suit lol. I’ll try to keep content rolling out on a regular basis, but during the school semester, posts will most likely.. I mean definitely.. be coming out more slowly, probably on the weekends.  In this blog,  popular/new fast food items, limited edition/new grocery product reviews, unusual food reviews, recipe attempts and kitchen gadget reviews are all fair game. But again, I want to entertain, so let me know what you want to see.

Finally, a little about me(I’ll keep this short).  I’m a 21 year old male college student studying computer science.  I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to science and technical stuff, but some of my other interests include fitness, sports, cars, gardening and most things outdoors.  I grew up and live in the south so you’ll probably see some southern culture rub off in my writing.  I love everything southern.  College football, Waffle House, and a nice big tray of eastern Carolina chopped pork barbecue.. That’s right.. Eastern. You won’t find much tomato based bbq around here.
Alright that’s enough about me. On to the reviews!